Flikkema Business Solutions


The services offered by Flikkema Business Solutions (FBS) revolve around building a team and building on innovation with a strong team. Any large task or change begins with a solid team that is up for the job. Building strong working teams, coalitions or consortia is the first step in any major change.

Innovation Management

Managing innovations is much more than working on a technical project, it is also about communication and market uptake of the innovation. 

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Technical project management

Facilitating project management and coordination enables technical specialists to do what they are good at.

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Proposal writing and consortium forming

A good project starts with a solid plan which will form the basis for the project funding. 

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Interim Management

An interim manager should recognise the impacts and guide personnel through difficult periods.

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The basis for a durable team

Maarten Flikkema is experienced in forming consortia consisting of companies located throughout the world, building (project) teams within companies and forming (political) coalitions. Mutual trust and personal relations are the basis for a durable team. With his mediation skills, Maarten is capable of bringing parties with opposing standpoints together.

 Costs of the services depend on the specific requirements of the client. Please contact FBS to discuss the opportunities and to receive a quotation. As clients also have their specific experiences and capabilities, FBS is always available to brainstorm about the optimal division if roles to obtain the optimal collaboration.

“Successful market uptake of innovation is about more than the technology, it is about the people making the technology grow.“

– Maarten Flikkema, Owner FBS