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About FIMC

In 2018 Maarten Flikkema founded Flikkema Business Solutions (FBS) to support partners in innovation processes. As of 2021 Flikkema Innovation Management & Consultancy B.V. (FIMC) was founded. From the start the mission of FBS and FIMC have been to bring people together. Whether this is within a company, a team, a consortium of companies or between companies, the connection between the involved people is key for success. FIMC is here to support companies, universities, institutes and (local) governments in bringing people together and forming a strong team building the content.

Establishing a connection between people is done through interim management, project management and coordination. It is the people working in the project who need to be facilitated to be able to work at the top of their ability for their success. The (project) manager is there for the team, not the other way around.

Extensive experience

See the benefit of change

Many projects start with a good proposal. For collaborative projects in parallel also a coalition of partners needs to be formed while working on the project proposal. Maarten Flikkema has extensive experience in forming coalitions, not only for projects but also political coalitions having to run a city. In all these cases, the content of the proposal develops hand in hand with the development of a strong bond between the people involved. Respect for the other’s opinion and leaving room for others to achieve their ambitions are an essential foundation for a successful coalition.

Change in companies and society needs to come bottom-up. The people involved need to see the benefit of change and the opportunities it has for them. Within a company, when change is needed, whether it is a reorganisation or a change of course, people on the work floor need to be made a partner in this change. This does not mean management has nothing to say, but choices need to be well explained. With change management, FIMC offers support to companies in a transition.


Maarten Flikkema

Maarten is a naval architect educated at Delft University of Technology. He graduated in 2006 on the specialism of ship propulsion, his thesis being about an empirical power prediction method for ships propelled by Pods.

After his graduation Maarten started working at the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN). IN 2013 he became responsible for all EU funded research projects of MARIN. These activities includes bringing consortia together, writing project proposals, coordinating the proposal phase and project management of the project execution phase. Maarten was also involved in the lobby with the EU for more research focus on the maritime industry. 

Bringing innovation to the market

About Maarten

In the position of Senior Project Manager at MARIN Maarten was acting coordinator of EU FP7 projects SONIC and GRIP as well as coordinator of Horizon 2020 project Space@Sea. Furthermore, he was involved in several other Horizon 2020 projects shown below.

In 2018 Flikkema Business Solutions (FBS) was founded by Maarten providing his experience in writing project proposals and coordinating projects. In 2021 Flikkema Innovation Management & Consultancy B.V. was erected to allow for the organizational growth. FIMC supports partners in bringing innovations to the market. This involves research and demonstration activities as well as market uptake and business plans. Successfully bringing innovation to the market is more than only the technology, it is also about the people behind the technology. Mediation and communication techniques are used to keep partners in innovative start-ups working together efficiently.

Since 2014 Maarten is city council member in the city of Amersfoort in the Netherlands. His primary focus and spokesmen ship is on the field of economics and durability. In 2018 Maarten was elected by his party’s city council members as political leader of the party. After the elections in 2018 he was chief negotiator for his party in forming a new coalition which was completed mid June 2018.


The victim of his own jokes

Maarten was born in 1982 in Brunei. As son of a Dutch engineer working in the oil and gas industry he spent his youth travelling the world. After having lived in Brunei the family moved to Denmark, Malaysia and Scotland before settling in The Netherlands.

Because of his international youth Maarten has always had great interest in travelling and working in an internationally focussed environment. Throughout the years Maarten has learned about many different cultures, both in a private and a business environment. Bringing together cultural differences in business is one of the energising aspects of working in international consortia.

Maarten is married to the Macedonia born Sanja, together they got a daughter Dominique in 2017. In his free time Maarten enjoys cooking and exercising in the gym or outside.

Maarten enjoys the company of other people. He is analytic and a sharp observer. Others would characterise him as quiet, intelligent and to the point. He can be direct when necessary and uses humour to put things into perspective. Through self-mockery Maarten often is the victim of his own jokes.

Maarten Flikkema

Projects and experience

  • FP7 SONIC: One year into the project Maarten took over the coordinator role on behalf of MARIN leading the consortium in the research into underwater radiated noise of ships and shipping.

  • FP7 GRIP: Approximately half way the project Maarten took over the coordinator role on behalf of MARIN leading the consortium towards a successful demonstration of Energy Saving Devices.

  • H2020 Leanships: On behalf of MARIN Maarten was responsible for the WP focussing on the demonstration of an Energy Saving Device.

  • H2020 MOTOR: On behalf of MARIN Maarten was dissemination manager for this project as well as responsible for the MARIN work on ship propeller optimisation.

  • H2020 HOLISHIP: On behalf of MARIN Maarten is WP leader for the software development of the Virtual Vessel Framework.
  • H2020 NOVIMAR: On behalf of MARIN Maarten is WP leader for the work focussing on developing the control software for a vessel train concept.

  • H2020 Space@Sea: On behalf of MARIN Maarten is coordinator of this project in which a concept of floating islands is developed.

  • H2020 FLARE: On behalf of MARIN Maarten was WP leader for the work focussing on model testing and numerical simulations of flooding.


  • H2020 NOVIMOVE: On behalf of CoVadem Services BV Maarten is technical project manager and primary point of contact for CVS.

FIMC Clients

“The mission of FIMC is to bring together people in
a professional environment”

– Maarten Flikkema, Owner FIMC