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Bringing innovations to the next level

About Flikkema Innovation Management & Consultancy

Flikkema Innovation Management & Consultancy supports companies, local governments, universities and institutes in bringing innovations to the next level and ultimately to the market. This is done by supporting research projects as well as supporting collaboration within start-ups.

Finding the right partners

Funding opportunities

The European Commission research programme Horizon 2020 offers the opportunity to bring innovations to the next level. Maarten Flikkema, founder and owner of FIMC, has many years of experience in writing and coordinating Horizon 2020 proposals and coordinating Horizon 2020 projects.

Horizon 2020 is only one of the funding possibilities to bring innovations to the market. FIMC offers support in finding the most suitable funding opportunities. Finding the right partners and building a strong consortium is a critical step in this where FIMC can provide support through its strong network.

Keeping the collaboration strong

Project management and coordination

Once projects have been awarded, coordination of the consortium and leading the technical work packages can be a challenging task requiring dedicated skills and experiences. Flikkema Innovation Management & Consultancy has wide experience in acting as coordinator on behalf of coordinating companies, leading Work Packages on behalf of partners and representing partners in the consortium.

Innovation Management

Managing innovations is much more than working on a technical project, it is also about communication and market uptake of the innovation. 

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Technical project management

Facilitating project management and coordination enables technical specialists to do what they are good at.

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Proposal writing and consortium forming

A good project starts with a solid plan which will form the basis for the project funding. 

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Interim Management

An interim manager should recognise the impacts and guide personnel through difficult periods.

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“You don’t notice the contribution of a good manager until he or she stops doing it and you have to do it yourself. That is when you appreciate a good manager.”

– Maarten Flikkema, Owner FIMC